Brett Warren

If I’m Lucky

the worst thing about dying will be
how I won’t be able to write about it

what I thought & felt
what I saw & smelt

the oh fuck! or what the hell…? of it
or the last contented breath of it

the regret or peace or relief of it
the whack or languid pull of it

the radiance or dimming or fire of it
the antiseptic or floral rot of it

the simple unraveling
or sensory overload of it—

how I won’t reveal if a colossal face
peers down through a hole in the clouds

if a massive hand scoops me up
like a cosmic Ferris wheel

& sets me back down as Cleopatra
or a dung beetle or crushes me

in a divine comment on insignificance.

Brett Warren shares her late mother’s utter disinterest in the idea of an afterlife and might prefer reincarnation, though perhaps not as a human.